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Image Resolution in Reproduction

Image Resolution in Reproduction. How big can it go? Today cameras are everywhere. Almost every phone offered today includes a high quality camera built in them. From selfies to family portraits or even just a quick snapshot of your beloved

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Setting up Bleeds

Bleeds in printing can have a dramatic affect yet without proper setup can lead to disastrous results. Once you understand the underlying concept, achieving a proper bleed can be simple with the Adobe line of products. What is a bleed?

Straighten a Photo in Photoshop – The Easy Way

We will look at a quick and easy way to straighten your photos in Photoshop. We are all human and sometimes even the best of us have to account for a slight margin of error. Unless you shoot photos exclusively

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Adobe Illustrator – Gradient Fills in Text

One question I get asked quite a bit in regards to Adobe Illustrator is how to do color fills in text other then solid. While this action should be intuitive, it is not. Let’s start with typing some text in

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